Saturday, May 14, 2016

April 25-29


In math this week, Brenden worked on lesson 18. He learned how to divide with a remainder and how to check the answer by multiplying upside down. It was new information to me, but it's supposed to emphasize where the numbers are coming from when you divide and subtract.

For English, he read more books. He read all the books from Malcolm's Book Shark level.

In history, he did all his reading. He started reading about Thomas Jefferson this week.

He did not do French.

He did not do engineering.

He did spend a lot of time outside (a miracle for him) and we did yardwork. We learned an awful lot about nature this week.


In math this week, his lesson was on the addition facts that equal 9. He did well in this lesson and didn't have any trouble understanding it.

In English this week, he did review in OPGTR and he learned the long O sound with a silent E. We also read the Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-winkle, A Bird Came Down the Walk, The Ass and His Driver.

In history, we're learning about Ancient Egypt. We're learning about their farming practices, their cities, their temples. He likes looking at all the pictures and reading the captions, but he says he doesn't like anything else. This is untrue, he likes more than he thinks he does, but all the attention he's paying.

He went to tumbling this week. He did all the regular rotations.

He did not do engineering this week.

We spent a lot of time outside doing yardwork. He was probably my biggest helper with weeding. He got his little trowel and tried helping me dig up all the dandelions. They are massive, so he didn't actually help all that much, but he sure tried his best, which is the important part.

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