Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 2-6


In math, Brenden continues to learn about division. He's been using the blocks a lot more, so I had him rewatch the video to hopefully jog his memory of how it works. Other than that, it's going really well. He still understands what he's doing, even if he prefers the use of the blocks.

In English, he did his narrations and reading. Also, someone gave me the brilliant idea to have him type his dictation, copywork, or narrations of the day as typing practice. This is good because our Typer Island subscription ran out and I was looking for ways to save money.

In history, he continues to learn about Thomas Jefferson. He's also learning about the signing of the constitution.

He didn't do French this week.

He didn't do engineering this week.


Malcolm continues to fly through math with ease. We're almost to the end of addition problems and he can easily figure those out in head without much thought. He's even started helping Harper with hers.

In English, we learned about the hard and soft G, the hard and soft C, two, too, to, CK words that change to KE and how that changes the sound of the vowel, long u, a, e, i, o words.

Malcolm did not do history this week.

Malcolm went to tumbling this week. He did the same four rotations.

Malcolm did not do engineering this week.

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