Sunday, March 20, 2016

March 14-18


In math this week, he reviewed numbers in standard notation and converting them to the more drawn out notation. He then had to convert back. He also had to practice division problems where once he found the quotient, he had to multiply it by the original number, write it underneath, and subtract it from the answer. The answer was always zero, but I'm pretty sure it's getting him ready to do division problems with a remainder.

In history, he did most of his reading. At the end of the week, he'd lost his Beginner's American History book. I'd assigned him only part of the Om-Kas-Toe book, but he enjoyed it so much, he ended up reading the whole thing.

In English, he did his copywork. He did one review lesson in spelling and got to a new lesson, which was about adding endings to base words. He did a narration about spiders and then had to copy what I'd written.

He did not do French this week.

He did not do engineering this week.


Malcolm was sick and injured this week and did not do school, other than a bunch of free reading.

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