Monday, April 11, 2016

March 21-25


This week in math, Brenden did a different kind of standard and expanded notation than he's done before. He took his test and got 100%. He learned about vowel digraphs. In writing, he did his dictation, narration, and copywork. He did his spelling lists this week and got 100%.

He did his history reading, but I'm not sure what it was about. He was supposed to read part of Toliver's Secret, but he enjoyed it so much, he just went and read the whole thing.
He didn't do French.
He didn't do engineering

In math this week, Malcolm worked on his doubles addition facts. In reading he worked on words with the long E sound. He did his copywork and did a good job on them.

He didn't do history.
He did go to UVU PE and tumbling.
He didn't do engineering.

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