Monday, April 11, 2016

March 28-April 1

This week in math, Brenden started division problems with remainders. We couldn't find the plug for the DVD player, which was dead, so I had to teach him myself. I'm not sure I did it the best way, but we used the blocks and he understood it. He's using the blocks for every single problem, so this lesson will take us a bit.

In English, he learned "no" adverbs and he learned how to diagram contractions. He also learned how to punctuate direct quotations at the end of sentences. He did his narrations and copywork.

He did not do history this week.
He did not do engineering this week.
He did not do French this week.

This week was less formal for Malcolm as I was really not feeling well. I barely made it through a few lessons with Brenden before I fell asleep. He spent hours each day reading books from the library.

The math he did was reading Life of Fred.
He didn't do history.
He didn't do engineering.
He went to UVU PE and tumbling.

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